My art is not computer generated prints, Giclées, or printouts, although a computer is used in their making. To create the monotypes, I scan the images into the computer, tinting the black-and-white photos with color, and then print them using archival inks onto lithograph or photographic paper. Once the image is on this new surface, I cut and trim them, and then assemble the pieces into a collage. The collage is then passed through an etching press with a wet transfer medium. This transfers the image and presses it onto archival watercolor paper creating all the rich textures and bleeds and destroying the "plate" in the process. This may take one printing or many until I get a final print that I am satisfied with. This process can take from a few days to a few weeks, depending on the size and complexity of the pieces.

To finish the process, each piece is saturated with a non-yellowing lacquer spray specifically made for these inks to set the colors and inhibit fading.

Each print is a unique piece of artwork.